The Vampire Diaries 5.07 Review: “Death and the Maiden”

This was an important episode for this season of The Vampire Diaries.  We saw major new players from the beginning of the season wrap their storylines up, with new plot twists introduced that will keep this season moving along.

Professor Maxfield breaks the bad news to Katherine that she’s aging at an advanced speed.  He predicts she only has a few months left to live at this rate.  Naturally, this drives Katherine crazy.  When she’s summoned to help Tessa and the doppelgangers complete their spell, she first tries to bargain a deal with Tessa.   It was interesting to note that Katherine couldn’t even heal with the help of Caroline’s vampire blood now that the cure is out of her system.  I would imagine the cure died in Amara’s blood when she died, so Katherine will need to resort to other means now, especially since Tessa was dead by the end of the episode.



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