Glee 5.05 “The End of Twerk” Review: New York State of Mind

While the title of this review may be better suited for next week’s Billy Joel tribute episode of Glee, it also accurately illustrates my feelings towards the show after last night’s episode, “The End of Twerk.” Everything that occurred at McKinley during this week’s episode was awful: the manufactured drama of Marley and Jake breaking up over his out-of-character cheating; Will nonsensically enacting the first amendment in order to combat Sue’s ban against twerking; and Unique’s overly preachy bathroom storyline, which confirmed that the writers only know how to use Unique as a prop to instill their messages of equality instead of understanding how to treat her as an actual character, and also that Alex Newell has nowhere near the acting talent of Chris Colfer and Naya Rivera, who were both able to give some sort of grounded realism and emotional depth to these “after school special”-esque plots over the course of Glee’ first three seasons.



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