The Walking Dead 4.06 Review: “Live Bait”

By adopting a storytelling style more akin to season three episodes like “Clear,” the fourth season of The Walking Dead has a little more breathing room for character development – or at the very least, something for the actors to chew on instead of the undead.”And although “Live Bait” isn’t going to win any awards for character complexity, it certainly serves its purpose, systematically breaking down The Governor until his character is literally up in flames (twice, as he burns down Woodbury and the picture of his family), ending just as he’s finally beginning to “rise” from the dead.

Where “Live Bait” stumbles – as episodes of The Walking Dead do – is with its secondary characters: the ragtag bunch The Governor stumbles upon isn’t an interesting bunch. In fact, they are direct contradictions to the type of people The Governor would let into Woodbury in the first place: two women whose independence quickly disappears when a strong male shows up (seriously: they survived for months, but are too scared to leave or kill a zombie once The Governor arrives?), a guy dying of cancer – and of course, the obligatory stand-in for what The Governor has lost, a little girl who doesn’t want to talk anymore.



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