Boardwalk Empire 4.11 Review: “Havre de Grace”

“Havre de Grace” was the inevitable calm before the storm, and while Season 4 of Boardwalk Empire has had a little too many calms, this one felt earned because we were waiting it out with characters who we’ve grown to care about. This penultimate episode works not because something major happens (although there are a few key reveals), but because as the audience we sit and mull over the characters fates as the characters themselves do the same. “Havre de Grace” brought back this season’s cold, mournful quality that its premiere “New York Sour” had, but with much needed humanity in the guise of Chalky White. It was quite a beautiful episode, letting its characters reflect on their past and possible futures (visualized through several shots of characters on porches and balconies contemplating). While “Havre de Grace” wasn’t as viscerally striking as Season 3′s penultimate “Two Impostors,” it did serve as a solid respite for both its characters and audience who will probably need it once Boardwalk Empire’s season finale “Farewell Daddy Blues” comes around town.



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