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The Mindy Project 2.09 Review: “Mindy Lahiri is a Racist”

I am sure you are as surprised as I am to hear this, but Mindy Lahiri (Mindy Kaling) is a racist.  Or at least that is the title of the latest episode of The Mindy Project.  The staff at Shulman’s Women’s Health Associates has been accused of favoring whites by the midwives located in their building.  But how could a medical practice, that has employed an Indian and African-American woman, be considered racist?

This episode features by far one of the best cold openings I have ever watched.  Morgan (Ike Barinholz) is tired of being continuously bitten by dogs.  He has purchased an arm guard and is going to allow Betsy’s (Zoe Jarman) dog to attack him.  When Betsy lets the dog loose, he immediately pounces on Morgan. Sadly, the arm guard is not much help considering the dog has grabbed a hold of his crotch.  Tamra (Xosha Roquemore) is nearby with a tranquilizer gun.  Instead of shooting the dog, she hits Morgan repeatedly.  He eventually passes out with the dog still biting his goods. And then the opening credits roll…



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