The Tomorrow People Season 1 Review “Limbo”

All of us had to suffer through being a teenager, but I doubt that any of us also had to contend with having superpowers. I’m sure that would’ve significantly complicated matters for me when I was a teenager. They certainly caused Stephen to have the worst day ever. In this episode of The Tomorrow People, Stephen found out that with great power comes great headaches.

Everyone at Ultra HQ was still trying to process Darcy’s death, and a lot of them blamed Stephen for it. One agent in particular got in Stephen’s face, pushed him around a bit and told him he didn’t belong at Ultra. Stephen was having a hard time coping, and Jedikiah (being the kind, sensitive soul that he is) told Stephen to take a few days off to get his head back in the game. Actually, he didn’t particularly care about Stephen. He told Stephen to take a few days off because he was destroying team morale. Love you too, Uncle Jed. At any rate, Stephen went back to school and Astrid told him he should have more fun with his powers. He agreed and ended up using his powers to: win a basketball game for his team in gym class, get asked by the coach to join the varsity basketball team, throw a huge party at his house, hook up with the high school hot chick, accidentally read his best friend’s mind to find out that she’s in love with him, and basically turn into a massive jerk. So, you know, stuff any normal teenager with superpowers would do. Or (as Astrid pointed out) something straight out of a John Hughes movie. Either way, Uncle Jed was not amused. He and Agent Sourpuss showed up and put a bracelet on Stephen that prevented him from being able to use his powers.



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