'Bones' on Friday: Brennan does '12 Angry Men' in 'The Fury in the Jury'

"Bones" moves to Friday and Brennan sees another side of the criminal-justice process in "The Fury in the Jury." But it's safe to say that the analytical crime-solver is not content to have things go the route of O.J. Simpson when a sports star faces the murder of his wife.If the jury can't convict him, then it's up to the Jeffersonian to convict a bad man."12 Angry Men," "Bones"-styleIn the classic film/play, "12 Angry Men," a single juror convinces a room of guilty-voters to rethink the case and examine the evidence. The results display the individuals' characters as well as the workings of the jury-trial concept."Bones" pretty much does the same thing here, only with Brennan in Henry Fonda's role.The case is that of Peter Kidman, a professional soccer player on trial for the murder of his wife, Charlene. Although Kidman's sister, Alison, insists that her brother is innocent -- and Kidman's best friend, Christopher...



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