King Henry needs a fork!!! And wat did you think of the finale?

Wow, did anyone else find the last scene to the Tudors disgusting....ewwwww. Stop divorcing your wives and get a fork!!!

Also King Henry is kinda going crazy, yelling at people (poor choir girls) and jumping in dirty ponds saying its the fountain of youth, geez he needs a therapist.

I cried for Queen Anne because certain ppl convinced me that she was a good woman just ahead of her time kinda like Shakespeare's Lady Macbeth (Loved her). I feel so sorry for the now Lady Elizabeth and can someone tell me wat happened to Mary Boleyn...i heard them mention her but i wasnt really paying attention to what they were saying? How was Anne's marriage declared null and void by Mary?

OMG!! anne's father, that bastard pissed me off!!! They should have killed him, it was all his fault and he was just happy that he was alive. He forgot all about the deaths of his son and Anne and just left. I wonder if he went back to Mary? I hope he did so she could throw him to the dogs and say to him "Your banished from me and the family i have left, now get the hell out!"

Dont mind me, i'm just venting......Just tell me what you thought of the finale, basically.



Jun 2, 2008 1:51PM EDT

Yes. That was a helluva finale. Not that we were "surprised" by the outcome. In fact, if anyone was shocked by it, they're bringing shame to their 7th Grade History teacher.
I thought the "Swan" scene was awesome and really enjoyed Jonathan Rhys Meyers performance in that episode.
I'm sad to see Natalie Dormer off the show, it was inevitable of course, but she did a superb job as Anne. Huzzah.
Nice post.

Jun 2, 2008 1:52PM EDT

Incidentally, you should watch the Elizabeth films with Cate Blanchett for an entertaining follow up to the Tudors. The next chapter if you will.

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Jun 2, 2008 2:16PM EDT

This is a superb show, even though not all accounts are accurate, it's still entertaining to say the least. Can't wait for next season. I often wish some of my favorite shows were filmed like soap operas...daily and never ending...

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Jun 3, 2008 12:21PM EDT

I agree except for one little thing. He was always crazy. I can't spell the word but he was a huge narsasissed! See? I told you I couldn't spell it! Insane and arrogant! He always knew that his wife Anne was innocent. And Cromwell got what he deserved in the end. Of course that won't happen until after a couple of seasons. Since he doesn't get his poetic justice till Anne of Cleaves. That he falls out of favor from the King because of an Anne and eventually faces the heads man his own damn self! Now thats 'wot' I call IRONIC!

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Jun 3, 2008 12:34PM EDT

Sorry. As for her sister Mary. She lived happily away from court with her husband, son and daughter. Her daughter by the way was a lady in waiting to Anne while she awaited her execution. Ironically she was (Mary that is) the only Boleyn to escape unscathed from the whole ordeal. In the end King Henry had a great deal of respect for Mary who had no interest in court life in the first place. I believe (and this is personal opinion) that Henry regretted choosing Anne over Mary. Since Mary gave him a son.As for why the marriage was declared null & void well: They were using the premise that since he had a sexual relation with her sister then according to the bible, it was incest. It was the same "good reason" he divorced Kathrine.

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Jun 3, 2008 8:10PM EDT

It was an extraordinary finale. I'm profoundly impressed with the determination in the series (so far) to treat the first two wives with equal compassion. One can't precisely determine where the writers or others in charge stand, which is precisely as it should be.
I would never say that Anne (or any of his other wives) were ahead of their time. Instead, they each represented a facet of their time. Controlled almost entirely by their male relatives, they endeavored to stay alive. At their high stations, they possessed more political awareness because it required their survival. She married the person determined for her, expressing occasional opinions in this dramatization. However, we can't take a Showtime presentation as a statement of irrefutable fact. The lines uttered by this Anne can't be cited as direct quotes...and there are various renditions of her last words.
What was she? Young. How accountable was she? We can only hold people accountable for what they can control. What could she control? Debatable, and allegations sufficed in the absence of absolute proof.

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Jun 4, 2008 12:50PM EDT

Anne was innocent? I thought she had "relations" with the poet guy. I know Katherine was innocent though.
Thanx aleacat21 cuz now i know why Anne's marriage was null and void. Stupid reason though considering the way Henry goes around doin random girls, every sister must be in an incestuous relationship...lmao.
Oh bart, i'll start watching Elizabeth soon, i need something to watch during the summer and till the tudors come back in 09.
Thanx every one for the comments

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