'Haven' recap: Utopia and William in 'The Trouble with Troubles'

"Haven" Season 4: What a ride! Sure, previous seasons had time travel, mysterious barns and Jason Priestley, but can any of that really compare to alternate universes and William?There is a good case to be made that this is the best "Haven" season ever. And that doesn't just mean the utopian town seen in "The Trouble with Troubles." This recap may help to explain why.Boom goes the Trouble!Thanks to William and his magical touch, a vacation-nostalgia Trouble has suddenly morphed into one that creates massive volcanoes in Maine. It's almost unfortunate that there are other, more pressing things to deal with in "The Trouble with Troubles," because it would just plain be awesome to experience the rest of Doreen the Librarian's travel life. She obviously goes to neat places.But that is not the point here. The point is that William is still wreaking havoc in hard-to-ignore ways.Audrey and Nathan don't have a solution though,...



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