'Almost Human' series premiere: The future looks familiar

The premiere of "Almost Human," like a lot of pilot episodes, had a lot of heavy lifting to do -- but at the same time, it felt pretty familiar.On the one hand, Sunday's (Nov. 17) series premiere had to introduce lead character John Kennex (Karl Urban), the near-future world he inhabits and Dorian (Michael Ealy), the decommissioned android brought back into circulation to be his partner. It also had to sketch in supporting characters and provide a plot-moving case. But because all of that is set within the framework of that most familiar of TV genres, a cop show, the establishment of all those things is a little easier. The audience has seen a thousand driven, loner detectives before, and a thousand partners who act as the yang to that yin. We can anticipate some of the story beats, and therefore don't need to be led by the hand as Kennex and Dorian get to...



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