'The Mentalist': 'The Great Red Dragon' writer on the big bombshells and what comes next

Sunday's (Nov. 17) episode of "The Mentalist" dropped not one, but two huge developments on viewers. The first is Jane's (Simon Baker) assertion that CBI director Gale Bertram (Michael Gaston) is Red John -- and the evidence we see in the episode certainly seems to point that way. The second is that, with Bertram and the Blake Association -- the name for the law-enforcement conspiracy plaguing California -- exposed, the FBI comes in and essentially shuts down the CBI. The bureau even moves out Jane's couch and breaks his favorite coffee cup. It's a whole lot to process, so much that we decided to call in an expert. Jordan Harper wrote "The Great Red Dragon" -- it's his ninth script for the series -- and talks to Zap2it about what happened, and what's to come in next week's episode, titled "Red John."Zap2it: What was the impetus for wanting to end the Red John arc early...



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