'Homeland' Season 3 episode 8 'A Red Wheelbarrow' recap: Saul has a plan for Brody

Just what is Saul playing at? He is creating quite the web of intrigue on "Homeland," and in the latest episode "A Red Wheelbarrow," he truly keeps Carrie in the dark about the biggest part of it. She is not going to be happy when she finds out he's kept from her his plan to go retrieve Brody, though the final purpose of that mission is unclear. It seems to have something to do with putting Javadi into a position of military power in Iran, but how does Brody factor into that? Will Saul make Brody a military hero? Throw him under the bus? Give him to the enemy government? Whatever his need for Brody is, his plans at least involve something that Carrie can't know about. As Carrie's pregnancy advances (she's at 13 weeks, for the record), she is getting more and more reckless. Her need to vindicate Brody is increasing as the...



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