Homeland Recap: Knowing the Game

While I was watching last night’s episode of Homeland, I tweeted, “I sometimes feel like all of#Homeland could be solved by Liz Lemon in Dealbreaker mode.” Trying to reconcile with your war-hero husband even though you’ve fallen in love with his best friend, and he’s secretly planning to blow up a bunker full of U.S. officials? Deal-breaker! The vice-president’s cute son wants you to cover up vehicular manslaughter? Deal-breaker! Thinking of keeping a baby you conceived with a guy who’s currently shooting up in a Venezuelan slum to avoid the pain of solitary confinement? Deal-breaker! And trying to make it work with your wife of 35 years, even though her ex-lover doesn’t want to go away, and maybe is putting intercepts on your home computer, which you might foolishly be using for CIA work? Okay, that’s a bit less of a deal-breaker than usual, though that may just be my weakness for Saul and his beard and his brunch-cooking skills.  Read More...



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