'The Walking Dead' Recap: The Tale of the Governor

In last week's episode, Hershel risked his life to keep his sick patients from (a) dying and (b) giving up hope. After what seemed like an eternity, in which both Glenn and Sasha almost died, Daryl's group finally returned to the prison with the medical supplies Hershel needed to save his patients. Rick told Maggie and Hershel what happened with Carol, but put off having that conversation with Daryl. And The Governor was spotted looking at the prison like it was the last parachute in a crashing plane.

In this week's episode, "Live Bait," we learn more about what the Governor has been up to for the past few months and meet several new characters who will probably be dead by mid-season. Read on to find out if this week's  episode of The Walking Dead can deliver that mix of sweet zombie action and rich character development we crave.  Read More...



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