'Beauty and the Beast': Ted Whittall on Reynolds, Thankgiving and being Cat's dad

"Beauty and the Beast" has a new and complicated antagonist this season -- FBI Special Agent Bob Reynolds, aka Catherine's biological father. Add in the fact that Reynolds also happens to be Vincent's handler in a quest to kill beasts, and it gets complicated quickly.Find out more about Reynolds in this interview with actor Ted Whittall.Rumors are that Reynolds is going to spend Thanksgiving with Catherine -- and possibly the rest of the "Beast" gang. How does that happen?Ted Whittall: I think Reynolds wanted to spend Thanksgiving with his daughter but Cat kind of springs Vincent on him. It's hard to describe without giving it all away. But circumstances kind of conspire to get everybody involved into Reynolds' house for Thanksgiving. Reynolds kind of wants it to happen that way, because everything is starting to spin out of control and it's easier for him to get everybody there and to deal with the situation...



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