The Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Twerk Your Pain Away


The most important revelation in an otherwise-boring episode was that Porsha has two tiny dogs named Coco and Chanel. Did I block that out from last season? Are they some sort of divorce consolation gift? Does no one remember Porsha dragging her niece around by the arm last season—who keeps entrusting her with living, breathing things?

We picked up where we left off, with the next chapter in the never-ending saga of Will Someone Let Kandi Be Happy? Kandi is happy that her office building is done, but who can concentrate on the office when her hair is bright red, crimped within an inch of its life, and clashing dramatically with her pink-vinyl office chairs? It’s usually against my feminist sensibilities to comment on anything the ladies wear or what they look like, but how many weeks must we be accosted by this hairdo? We can see from her confessionals that she eventually gives this up for a new look, and pray that she gets there sooner than later. I cannot anymore with this Ronald McDonald red.  Read More...


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