The Good Wife Recap: America the Beautiful


Two fun new judges, some crack investigating, a flustered Eli, and a major Florrick/Agos victory? What a delightful episode. Load up on dried apricots and pumpkin Pop-Tarts, here’s what we learned from last night’s The Good Wife.


Do We Have a Yoko Ono Situation?
The episode opens with Will rallying the troops with, what else, a rebranding. How do we feel about the “LG” acronym? I think it sounds too “desperate to be hip.” Besides, isn’t that one already taken? Let’s just pretend he did it for us, the loyal recappers and commenters, so we won’t be burdened with typing out the whole name anymore. Will is interrupted in his plan for world domination by the Yoga Instructor. Don’t make me learn her name. The blonde who we all hoped was a one-episode fluke is sticking around for the time being. Hey, it’s either Yoga Ono here or a midlife-crisis car; either way, the message is clear. Will is trying to put some distance between World Domination Gardner and the lovesick puppy who followed Alicia around. Josh Charles directed this episode, so enjoy that sinking feeling about him directing his own sex scenes. By the way, is “I can’t find wireless anywhere else in Chicago” not the flimsiest excuse a girlfriend has ever given for dropping by her boyfriend’s office? Davd Lee tried his best to get rid of her for us. Bless his weaselly heart.  Read More...


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