Boardwalk Empire Recap: Running Out of Road

Boardwalk Empire sometimes toggles back and forth between states of being quite obvious, and then very obscure. But the show is at its best when it figures out an artful way to mix these two paints, as it mostly does here, in the next-to-last-episode of the fourth season.


For starters: We knew Gillian was doomed for a while, and likewise long suspected that this end would come at the hands of “Roy Phillips.” To briefly, ah, recap: Recall how Phillips’s putative business associate claimed to be from the same Indiana town as season-three expendable Roger McAllister. Also, there was the man who bumped into Gillian, the better to remember Roger to her, during an initial date with Roy. Plus we had Roy generally being shady about his marriage, and obviously plotting against Gillian, on-screen, as of a couple episodes back.

And yet, for all this signal-flashing, the particular way Gillian falls has a surprisi  Read More...


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