Eastbound & Down Series Finale Recap: Our Journey Ends Here

So, This Is It. For realsies this time. Forever. And for an episode that would otherwise be a conventional, solid end to the most sentimental season of this whole raunchy-as-fuck, odd series, the last five minutes are really what made it shine. Specifically, an already-polarizing-just-check-Twitter-Six Feet Under-on-crank flash forward that actually made me cry a tiny bit. Don’t tell anybody. But, in true KP fashion, I’m getting ahead of myself.


Consider when Kenny first arrived in Shelby: A true think-for-yourselfer, high on coke half the time, who eschewed the Everyman goals between the super short-term (“touch April’s titties”) and Big Life Plans (“become rich and famous”). Over the course of three seasons, as Kenny experienced gains, losses, the deaths of loved ones, and the ever-awful realization that you’re becoming the parent you dislike more, and banged that Mexican woman who only sang Bob Seger covers ('memba her?), we’ve seen him going through two-steps-forward, one-step-back emotional growth. Sure, he learned lessons. But he always conveniently forgot them again the second he got a new gig, a fresh start.  Read More...



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