The Walking Dead Recap: Pounds and Pinkie Swears


Not long after the Governor returns from the old-folks’ home with a couple tanks of oxygen and a nasty gash, his new gal pal, Lilly the nurse, says she’s happy to have a new patient. “Nobody mentioned just how boring the end of the world was going to be.” Amen, sister. Compared to the rest of this season, last night was a bit of a snooze.


Granted, every episode can’t be packed with all-out Zombiepalooza mayhem, like last week’s chapter. But if you were hoping for action, you didn’t get much last night until the final moments (unless you count a bunch of septuagenarian biters and a legless walker in a bathtub). We’re also stuck waiting at least another week for the big showdown between Rick and Daryl over Carol’s banishment, a confrontation that could make Rick vs. Tyreese look like a thumb-wrestling match (really hoping Daryl headbutt-shoves the sheriff like he did to Bob Barskdale).  Read More...


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