'How I Met Your Mother' - 'Mom and Dad': The redemption of Billy Zabka

After a couple of pretty solid, not entirely wedding weekend-focused episodes of "How I Met Your Mother," we returned to all-wedding-hijinx, all-the-time with Monday's (Nov. 18) episode. So let's run down "Mom and Dad" bullet point-style.The good- Singing! It would be a badly missed opportunity to get Neil Patrick Harris, Wayne Brady, Ben Vereen and John Lithgow in the same episode and not have them break into song. Barney's and James' dueling fantasies (which give the episode its title) fill the bill nicely. - Marshall is almost there. The road-trip subplot revolved around Daphne making it to New York in time to see her daughter's Model U.N. speech in the city, and they got there just in time. That means Marshall, barring unforeseen calamity (see below), is just a couple hours away from Farhampton and able to reunite with the gang.- Zabka-tage! If the show has to fill the idle hours between the big events...



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