'Beauty and the Beast' recap: Breakups, kisses and Thanksgiving in 'Guess Who's Coming to Dinner'

"Beauty and the Beast" may just have presented its audience with the single worst Thanksgiving dinner ever in "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner." There was family fighting. Awkward meetings happened repeatedly. Vincent kissed another beast woman. The table got flipped. Cat and Vincent broke up. Reynolds ordered a hit on two of his dinner guests.And you thought your Thanksgivings were rough? At least the help had the day off.Paternal interruptionsIt's bad enough when a father calls to interrupt a make-out session. It's even worse when that same dad tries to blow up his daughter's boyfriend.But that's exactly how this episode of "Beauty and the Beast" begins.At least Bob Reynolds, FBI Agent and secret beast handler, wants his daughter to visit him in Montauk for Thanksgiving. It's a kind gesture, one that is only somewhat mitigated by Reynolds' murderous intentions toward her boyfriend.On top of this, Catherine and Vincent are having serious relationship issues because...



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