Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special Review “The Day of the Doctor”

Where to even begin? I think it’s just about impossible to overstate how much expectation “The Day of the Doctor” had to live up to. Not only was this special a celebration of the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, but it aimed to provide the biggest link between the original run of the series and the revival yet. Plus, it answered a question that’s been in fans’ minds going all the way back to the revival’s premiere in 2005: how did the Time War really end?

So, needless to say, there’s more in this episode to talk about than one review can go into; that’s for countless internet articles and fan analyses that are sure to be published in the next few days. Instead, I’ll share my thoughts on the two big questions I had going in. Is this, on its own, a great episode ofDoctor Who? And, does it serve as a proper celebration of the series’ anniversary?



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