The Good Wife Season 5 Review “Whack-a-Mole”

It’s been nearly a full month since the split, and The Good Wife finally gave the people what they want: Will Gardner and Alicia Florrick throwing hands… in the courtroom. They’ve been after each other over clients, but tonight’s case marks the first time they’ve battled one another while representing clients. The episode had its moments, but I left the first Florrick-Gardner client battle a little underwhelmed.

The Good Wife can struggle with pretentiousness especially when their lawyers enjoy themselves a bit too much. Unfortunately, it now seems like every Gardner-Florrick showdown will feature mostly them strutting around the other when they gain the upper hand. While Julianna Margulies can strut in a way that still seems demure, all of the chest-puffing is not a good look for Josh Charles. Whether intended or not, his behavior is getting increasingly grating. His motivations notwithstanding, Will Gardner is a man who has been understated for much of the show’s run. Now, he’s someone completely unrecognizable to me. With Alicia not exactly endearing herself to the viewing public either, the show is starting to lack a rooting interest. I’m sure there are plenty of pro-Alicia people as well as pro-Will people. I’ve mentioned in previous weeks the show’s obvious desire to play it down the middle when it comes to Alicia and Will, but it is running the risk of making them equally insufferable.  Read More...


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