Masters of Sex Season 1 Review “Involuntary”

On the latest episode of “Masters of Sex,” Mama Masters didn’t need to take a gander at her son’s back to know that something was going on with Johnson, in “Involuntary.” She’s a sly one, that Estabrooks. (On a side note, what the hell kind of name is that?) Anyway, in minutes flat, she picked up on the palatable chemistry between Masters & Johnson, in her highly inappropriate drop-in at their sex study, in which she thoughtfully brought snacks. LOL. Talk about caring a little too much.

Still, she’s not wrong, either. Though Masters didn’t find out about Libby’s recent discovery that she was pregnant until later on in the episode, Mama finally bit the bullet and apologized for not standing up to his father when he abused little Masters back in the day. However, she tempered that apology with a reprimand, saying that Papa Masters was a sexually aggressive type, only not with her, but rather his secretary, and that Masters was a chip off the old block in that regard. Whoops! Busted!  Read More...


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