Witches of East End Season 1 Review “Snake Eyes”

We were given a heck of a lot of new information on this week’s Witches of East End and, despite not a whole lot happening in this episode, it still felt busy and exciting. That’s a good thing for a show like this to achieve leading up to the finale, and I just hope that the next two weeks keep up the good work. With Freya now powerless and the girls still having no idea who’s behind it, there’s a lot to unravel before we wrap up for season one.

Dash’s return and subsequent forgiveness of Freya just solidifies my opinion of his as an undercover bad guy. Killian might be getting the blame for everything right now but, come next week, I’m pretty sure he’s going to come up smelling of roses. Or maybe they’re both in on their mother’s plan? I honestly don’t know right now, but stealing Freya’s powers just as she’s going to need them can only be bad news for the girls. Can Joanna, Wendy and Ingrid pick up the slack if they need to?




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