Castle Season 6 Review “The Good, the Bad, and the Baby”

On the latest episode of “Castle,” we got a cutesy-but-fun episode that more than lived up to the title,“The Good, the Bad and the Baby.” The set-up was nothing if not intriguing, with a shot-up guy on his last legs delivering a baby into a church for safe-keeping to a priest mid-sermon. Who was he? Was the baby his, and if not, whose was it? And what had happened to cause such a thing in the first place?

The answers were fairly satisfying overall, if a bit on the convoluted side. Basically, the long and short of it was that a group of guys had planned to fix the lottery by replacing the regular balls with specially-prepared ones they blackmailed the hostess to switch out with the real ones by kidnapping her husband and child. When one of the guys in question discovered that the others had no intention of giving back the baby or the husband, he went rogue and took off with the baby, only to be shot trying to get away- the irony being that he was an erstwhile getaway driver back in the day for various robberies.



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