Sleepy Hollow Season 1 Review “Sanctuary”

There are two things that seriously creep me out: clowns and haunted houses. Thankfully, there weren’t any clowns on this episode of Sleepy Hollow, but I’m with Abbie in not being a fan of haunted houses.

Captain Irving gave Ichabod and Abbie the case of a billionaire socialite who had gone missing in Sleepy Hollow. At first, they didn’t see why it was their kind of case until Captain Irving pointed out that Katrina was somehow involved in whatever was going on. Ichabod and Abbie showed up at the house to investigate, and Ichabod recognized the residence as that of a friend of his. Apparently the house was a safe haven for freed slaves and (unbeknownst to Ichabod at the time) the homeowner was a member of Katrina’s coven so the house was warded against evil. Naturally, Ichabod and Abbie got locked inside the house by the evil that had managed to get past all of the warding, and it was a fight for their lives. Ultimately, they were able to locate the missing socialite and everyone got out in one piece. That wasn’t the big reveal though. The big reveal is…wait for it…Ichabod is a daddy. Can’t say I saw that one coming.



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