'Castle' recap: 3XK kills Lanie and Esposito doubles in 'Disciple'

Could anything be creepier than investigating your own murder? "Castle" makes Lanie and Esposito answer that question when lookalikes are found dead. And the answer is yes: It gets creepier when the shadow of 3XK looms over the investigation in "Disciple."Not dead yetIf you recall, the last time we saw 3XK, aka Jerry Tyson, Castle had just shot the guy over the edge of a bridge, presumably to his death. But the body was never recovered. On television, that is code for "Of course he's alive, you fools!"And it seems like Jerry is indeed alive and well and staging elaborate murders in order to creep out the detectives of the 12th Precinct. Tyson has even managed to recruit some messed-up accomplices/disciples. There's Carl Matthews, the security guard who finds the first body on the docks. He's the guy who almost definitely carried out the killings in this particular episode. And then there's Dr. Kelly...



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