'Sleepy Hollow' recap: Headless is WHO? + more lessons from 'Necromancer'

Another Monday, another crazypants episode of "Sleepy Hollow." That's just how life is gonna go, y'all. At least until January, when the 13-episode first season concludes. (We're already dreading it and we still have five more new episodes, during which any number of bats*** things could happen. In honor of "Necromancer," yet another bananas installment of the fall's craziest new show, here are five very important things we learned. 1. Abby's sister is a badass. Well, that wasn't established in "Necromancer" so much as confirmed, but Jenny pointing two guns at the Hessians like Angelina Jolie in an action movie was kind of amazing. Abby might be the cop but her sister is just as fearless. 2. You need a Necromancer to talk to Headless. That's where Andy (John Cho) comes in, and although Andy doesn't want to do Headless' bidding, he's unable to control anything once Headless decides to use him as a vehicle....



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