'Supernatural' recap: 'Bad Boys' paused Season 9's mythology for a classic, nostalgic (and frustrating) hour

No spoiler alert necessary for this week's "Supernatural" recap, as Tuesday (Nov. 19) night's episode, "Bad Boys," put the big season-long mythology on hold in favor of learning about Dean's secret backstory.What secret backstory are we talking about, you're probably asking yourself, as we've seen flashbacks of Dean at pretty much every age. We know everything about his past, more so than any one else on the show (and definitely more than Sam, since he doesn't know about the choices *cough Zeke cough* that Dean's been making this season). But in "Bad Boys," we learned there was a two-month period when Dean was 16 that no one -- not Sam, not us -- knew the truth about.While their father John was off on a hunt, Dean got busted trying to steal food for Sam (he had lost all their food money in a bet), and got sent to a reform home for a few...



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