'New Girl' recap: Dates, Schmidt-sitting and bologna sandwiches in 'Longest Night Ever'

"New Girl" may have had the "Longest Night Ever," but the hardships of the characters make a half hour go by quickly for the audience. From Coach dating Cece to Ferguson the cat finding love for Winston to Jess committing assault with a vehicle, this episode was indeed a long, strange trip.Find out why in this recap.Coach and Cece? High five!Because it is the single most awkward thing he could possibly do, Coach has asked Cece out on a date. Schmidt is fine with this. At least, that's what Schmidt says about 8 million times. Unfortunately, as we learn from Nick, being fine is Schmidt-code for "I'm about to commit ritual suicide from the horror."But when Coach is around, it's all high fives. He is convinced that everything is fine and that he is, in fact, the prize. The date with Cece is a go!Not that this date goes well or anything. It does...



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