'Agents of SHIELD' episode 8 'The Well' recap: Did Ward and May hook up?

Considering all of the sexual tension "Marvel's Agents of SHIELD" has been building between Ward and Skye, it was a bit surprising that he opted to spend the night with Melinda May instead of his hacker underling. In the final moments of "The Well," May silently invites Ward into her bedroom to drink whiskey -- and, you know, probably do other things -- and he accepts. Will these be the first two agents of SHIELD on this show to do the dirty? It sure seems like it. There have been plenty of storylines on the show that seem to be implying romantic results, and what this pairing tells viewers is that they should expect the unexpected. Of course, it could be that Ward and May just have drinks and share war stories and pass out in a drunken haze, but the look on her face when she walked by him made it sure seem like...



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