My Theory... (spoiler alert! - watch 4.15 before reading this!)

So - there were 8 basic models? - and we could have noticed it all along!... remember? - there was a "one", a "two", 3,4,5,6,...-8?!?... yeah! - Cylons can't count, can they?

But wait! - the "basic 7" didn't know the final five - it was forbidden, to talk about them, remember? - but as we just learned, the final five, who have not only "been to the home of the thirteenth", but who are FROM the thrirteenth tribe, which was Cylon, which created the human-form-cylons themselves (more than 2000years ago!), created ressurrection, and then moved on to beeing reproductive on and so forth! - THEY made the 8 basic models; or at least the five who survived the holocaust of earth; they made them for the other cylon race, in exchange for peace between cylons and humans... so: the "final five" are quite older than the basic 8...

But, the most interesting question of course is: who is the the eight model? - have we seen him yet? - or is "he" just a sidekick-note to tell us more about cavil(?)? - is it even a He? - well: at least we are meant to believe that...

so... Cavil manipulated all the others, so the images of the "final five" as they are called from then on, and which r meant to come back, r vanished (not completely: think of Diana!)... and... the others also don't seem to know or bother, who the 8ths model ("number 7", "daniel") was, and that he even existed... so: "he" is called "daniel"? - but daniel can be read as a female name, too! (remember: Sam had "word salat", when e humbled his fractioned memories!)... and "he" was supposedly an artist (painter)?... well... i know of a charakter, who was quite into art, troubled about, who "[s]he" really is, and has come back from the dead... and, by the way: 1,2,4,5 are men, while 3,6 and 8 are female... so, meassured by machine drive to perfektion and confomity: what gender would another model have?!?... so: r we really supposed to believe, "number 7" is gone for good?!?


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Mar 26, 2009 5:52AM EDT

Yes for the sake of the series number 7 Daniel was the favorite of Ellen and it is for that reason that Cavil killed him. He was a casulty of the war (the whole fight to get to this point). I think his death was supposed to signify all the sacrifices that have been made. As a side note I think that Daniel, the number seven, who died is the eldest son of Graystone (one of the major families in the new series Caprica) being as it is that all of the models were based on people who had once lived before.
:O possible revelation maybe?
PS dont call him the '8th model' he is the "7th", the Sharons are the 8's dont make it anymore confusing lol

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Mar 31, 2009 12:01PM EDT

The models weren't based on people that have once lived before on Caprica, but have once lived before on ("Original"-/not-our-)Earth! - remember: the "final five" (as the elder ones, the more progressed ones (beyond depending on resurrection)), designed the basic-eight, kind of "in the likeness of the final five" (like gods), with faces that the final 5 related to ... So there is no way, that the basic-eight have some connection to some character of "Caprica" <the series>; other than by "miracle"!One more thing: the Daniel-Cavil [side-]note was, if anything, some Cain-and-Abel-theme!... Daniel was no victim of war, but a victim of his jealous/hateful brother!At last, my "theory" got outdated: as you might have noticed, right before the finale, I feared the outcome (see my other discussion), which this theory here tried to compensate before: that there is no reasonable answer on "what" Kara Thrace is, but that some bogus wonder-like explanation* would be there for her "mystery"; some nonsense jumping in to fill the gap... - or even some epiphany loving plan all along!
PS: your PS is brainless: I already took in, that "daniel" was Model No. 7 - if they are called by their "indenture number"; but he/she is the 8th model, if you've just known 7, and got to know that last one just now: the 8th-one that the viewer meets. Jackass! ... if you get confused by that mere logic, you might have to rethink your habitus - - - !PPS: don't bother, trying to prove, what can't be proven; you, as well as your abilities, are out of the question, when hold against me. You're an arrogant wannabe; so please: leave me alone! - don't waste my time!
*) - or even leaving out an explanation, to later on be able to say: "oh no! - that's not what we said!", how all bad thinking tries to secure itself, by talking much with saying little; everything is just hinted, and later on can be denied. What is said in a inconceivable manner, occupies peoples minds (especially the small minded ones) the most, until, one day, some new incomprehensible God is born, who "Moves in mysterious ways"... practically all Books- and Religions of Revelation trace back to this way of writing/publishing/talking ...

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