'Ravenswood': Caleb and Miranda are 'soulmates,' Raymond Collins' powers and more from EP Oliver Goldstick

Zap2it got to do a post-mortem (no pun intended) interview for the "Ravenswood" midseason finale from Tuesday (Nov. 19) with executive producer Oliver Goldstick, who teases that there are more flashbacks to come -- and not just to 1918.Miranda was tricked by some kind of evil force pretending to be her parents. Is "devil" the right word?"Close enough. We say 'demons' more than devil, but the idea is she was being tricked, hood-winked, hornswaggled, every other word you can use, into that world. Knowing her greatest vulnerability, wanting to meet her mother, the demon took control, took advantage of that in a big way."Miranda and Caleb continue to grow closer, can you talk about that relationship a bit?"They met in a life-and-death situation. It's a pretty bonding experience. People who have survived things like that, when they have near-death experiences ... that's pretty deep, it's pretty profound and it rivals anything in Rosewood between Caleb...



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