'Awkward': Has Jenna finally reached her turning point as everyone else reached their breaking point?

Tuesday (Nov. 19) night's "Awkward" was super-sized, as we got one full hour to watch Jenna completely eff everything up in her life for Collin, who -- no surprises here -- was a complete and total jerk who didn't deserve all the eggs Jenna put in his basket.In both episodes, "A Very Special Episode of Awkward" and "Less Than Hero," Jenna continued riding her train into no-friendsville all the way to intervention station, and continued acting like a real jerk to Tamara, Ming, Val, her mother, her father, and Matty. She was still lighting up at home, and even at school, until Val caught her and was forced to suspend her.This prompted Jenna to write a scathing expose on all the mildly inappropriate things Val has done over the years (which, let's be honest, there are quite a few, but Val's always coming from a place of good intentions) for the school's lit mag....



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