Hands down my favourite show EVER

I never knew I'd be addicted to a show. Growing up with my mom, I never thought of any reason to watch any show religiously or to care what happens, until I watched House. Since then, I've always did the best I can to keep up with the show, and I absolutely love it!

What makes the show interesting is the character himself, who Hugh Laurie plays really well. I'm a fan of his work including A Bit of Fry and Laurie, and I was surprised to find out he was the dad in Stuart Little, and one of the bad guys in 101 Dalmations... The complexity of the character intrigues me.

In the recent season, it's better than ever. I always knew they'd make Olivia Wilde a Bisexual, and I actually love her character. My favourite character besides House, is Kutner, though. Though you never really see who he is yet, I'm quite dissapointed about that.

I'm a Hilson fan, so I keep rooting for them to patch things up. Though I love Lucas and House as friends. They should keep him!


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Dec 9, 2008 11:55AM EST

Same here. Before House I never watched a show every week. I use to actually make fun of my friends and family when they seemed to rush to catch the next episode of their show. But now every Tues. night I turn off my cell phone and just wait for house to start. lol. At first I was attracted to the medical part of the show, with the weird and rare cases, plus, I loved the Character House and his attitude. Now I care about the characters and the comedy more then the medical. Early on when I first started watching I realized "Well the medical part is pretty much the same every week. rare sickness doctors try everything, in the last 10 min house has a grand epiphany" But the rest of the story keeps me coming back. Hell i would be happy if the show was nothing more then House doing clinic duty, and the cast just sitting around talking.

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