'Revolution' - 'Everyone Says I Love You': A tale of two series

The last episode of "Revolution" in 2013 answered one big question -- albeit a little bit obliquely -- and offered up a surprise (and welcome) return. So what did it all add up to?The show's shift from a quest to turn the power back on to its Season 2 focus on the political kind of power and the way it's wielded in this world has become more sure-footed over the past few episodes. But as that show has taken hold, the sci-fi aspects, with Aaron and his heretofore unexplained ability to channel the nanotechnology he created, has felt more and more like an outlying vestige of a different series.Aaron's abilities were explained in Wednesday's (Nov. 21) episode, more or less. Since he created the nanotech, and "woke it up" when the power came back on at the end of Season 1, he can now control it. But only up to a point, it seems: The...



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