'Survivor: Blood vs. Water': Ciera plays Katie hard

The "Survivor: Blood vs. Water" castaways have merged and now it's our first post-merge Redemption Island duel. Will the Baskauskas brothers survive?Redemption IslandThe challenge is using a grappling hook to retrieve bags, then getting a ball through a table maze. So, Tina has a shot. It's not like something that is ridiculously favoring a fit young man -- and then look at that, Tina gets her first bag with her first toss. And then Tina has all three bags in four tosses, incredible. But they all get to the table maze before someone has won, so it really is anybody's game. One wrong move and you're back at the beginning -- like Aras does right at the start.Tina ALMOST has it and then it drops through the last hole. I actually shrieked out loud, that was super tense, haha. Then Vytas wins and is still in the game. Tina catches back up pretty quickly, though...



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