'The Tomorrow People': Stephen loses his powers, catches a rapist and hears 'Thanatos'

"The Tomorrow People" makes things difficult for Stephen in "Limbo." Not only does everyone get mad at the kid, but Cara dumps him and Jedikiah takes away Stephen's powers for awhile.Can Stephen still save the day? Yep. Find out how in the recap.Will you still love me tomorrow?It's the morning-after for Stephen and Cara. They seem to have left the sewers behind in favor of a rather nice hotel room that's about to be occupied by a middle-aged couple from Arizona. But before those folks check in, Cara has to check-out of any potential relationship with Stephen.She is thinking this was a mistake. Stephen is thinking, "Woohoo! Telesex is awesome!!!"Unfortunately for both, John and Russell are back in town, and John has even brought his girl a stuffed beaver as a make-up present. Things certainly aren't perfect between these two, but Cara still loves that murderous liar! Whatever feelings she may have for Stephen,...



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