'Survivor's' Aras Baskauskas: My relationship with Vytas 'continues to grow in leaps and bounds'

Aras Baskauskas was the first member of the jury on "Survivor: Blood vs. Water." We wondered why a former winner might go back and play again, but he tells Zap2it that he's just a huge fan of the show. What made you go back on "Survivor"? You won the game, so it's not like you had anything to prove?"My brother put a gun to my head and said, 'Do it!' No [laughs]. I wasn't a fan of the show before I went on the first time but I've since become a huge fan of the show. Like don't-miss-an-episode fan of the show. ... As a fan of the show, I wanted to play again. You don't ask Kobe Bryant why he plays the next season after he wins a championship -- not that I"m Kobe Bryant or this is basketball. But I had so much fun playing the first time, I figured let's try it...



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