'The Vampire Diaries' recap: 'Dead Man on Campus' finally made us care about Augustine vampires

What seemed like a random new piece of mythology on "The Vampire Diaries" is actually much more relevant than we ever thought. Thursday (Nov. 21) night's episode, "Dead Man on Campus," gave us a major reason to care about the whole Augustine vampire mystery ... Damon was one of the secret society's test subjects back in 1953!Turns out, Dr. Maxfield is not the first shady guy to run experiments on vampires. He comes from a long line of over 60 years of scientists trying to create a new version of a vampire: one that doesn't feed on human blood. These new, stronger vampires crave vampire blood. The way we know that this isn't just some myth? We saw it firsthand on Jesse.RIP Jesse, we hardly knew ye. After Maxfield successfully turned Jesse into an Augustine vampire, he attacked Maxfield and escaped, calling on Caroline for help. Another huge reveal: Jesse is Aaron's roommate! While...



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