Parks and Recreation Recap: Kick Out the Jamm

Hello again, Unemployed Ben! Because the Esquire Network airs old episodes of Party Down on weeknights, I was not as jarred as I should have been by the sight of Adam Scott out of a job. But then I remember: The last time we saw Unemployed Ben, he fell deeply into a dark, unsatisfying Claymation phase. This time around, he creates a board game — excuse me, I mean, “The Cones of Dunshire. A brand new gaming experience!” Question: Is Cones of Dunshire more or less complicated than True American?


Leslie wants to build Pawnee Commons. In a way, this gets back to the origin of the show, when Leslie’s biggest ambition was — well, technically it was the White House, but the biggest ambition she could actually act on was her desire to build a park. Even loaded with the “It’s how I met my best friend Ann” significance, this goal feels so small for the Leslie whose latest accomplishment involved merging her town with its sworn town-enemy (townemy?) to save Eagleton from bankruptcy. But it also reaffirms why Leslie got involved in the Parks Department in the first place: her unwavering belief that government can be a force for good and improve the daily lives of citizens, even/especially through seemingly low-impact efforts, like the construction of the park. So I’m into it. And I’m into Cones of Dunshire, and I’m definitely into Ron’s cabin.  Read More...


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