Delivery Man: An Alleged Comedy With a Sentimental Heart


The first thing to know about the new Vince Vaughn sperm-donor comedy Delivery Man is that there are about five jokes in it. Not five good jokes, or five edgy jokes, or five memorable jokes. Just five jokes. (And for the record, two of them are okay.) But we probably shouldn’t even call it a comedy. It’s more a sentimental fable, albeit one with an absurdist, and absurdly, high concept: What happens if an aimless, irresponsible fortysomething who made hundreds of donations to a sperm bank in his youth learns one day that he has 533 kids?


You may have images dancing in your head of wacky interactions between our hero and his hundreds of offspring, catastrophic misunderstandings and hilarious lies stacked high like pancakes, but no. Delivery Man is simple but serious, sensitive but ridiculous. Because of some legal shenanigans, David Wozniak (Vaughn) has to maintain his anonymity, but he starts going through the list of his kids, trying to secretly connect with them. The first child Dave uncovers turns out to be an NBA star. The next turns out to be a struggling actor and jerky bartender. Then there’s the beautiful junkie. The street musician. The African-American manicurist.  Read More...


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