Survivor: Blood vs. Water Review “Gloves Come Off”

Survivor: Blood vs. Water returned tonight with “Gloves Come Off”, as we’re coming off the heels of one of the biggest moves of the game thus far. Ciera voting out her own mother was a very powerful move, and one that should be scaring everybody else on her team. Voting out your own mom to show loyalty to your tribe, to choose water over blood as Katie so aptly put it, is something that any jury would drool over. Tyson is right to be intimidated. Ciera is here to play!

The Redemption Island Duel was a puzzle that we’ve seen before, just with a different first half of poking your fingers through a net. I’m bummed that Vytas got knocked out, especially under such crappy circumstances. I don’t think the contestants should be able to help each other like that. We’ve seen this happen several times this season already, and it kinda defeats the whole purpose. You’re supposed to be demonstrating your own skill at challenges, and outplaying the others to stay in the game. I guess you could argue that they’ve developed relationships with these other people, and that’s what’s causing them to strategically help them out during the challenges, but it still bugs me.



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