Criminal Minds Season 9 Review “The Caller”

After breaking from the norm quite a bit with last week’s episode, Criminal Minds returned tonight with a much more traditional episode in “The Caller”. It appeared to be a standard child abduction case, but a super creepy Unsub and a connection to an old cold case pushed it over the edge into an exceptional and exciting episode.

After hearing about a young boy being abducted in St. Louis after the family received a creepy phone call, Reid makes the quick connection to a cold case that Gideon worked 15 years ago. I liked that they just mentioned it being a case that Gideon worked on without feeling the need to explain what that means. It’s difficult to believe, but it’s been over six years since Mandy Patinkin has appeared as Jason Gideon on this show, so I love that they just mention him by name and expect us long-timeCriminal Minds fans to make that connection. It really gives the viewers a lot of credit, and I appreciate that.



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