The Originals 1.08 Review: “The River in Reverse”

I never thought I’d see Klaus Mikaelson cry.  This was a very interesting episode, evoking a psychological study of our favorite mind-controlling vampire.  We saw a vulnerable side of him for once, and even though it looks like he’s back to his old ways next week, it only means that there’s still hope for Klaus’ salvation that his siblings have long been fighting for.  It just may be that Elijah and Rebekah are the ones who need to change their own way of thinking about their brother.  If they can at least start believing that he has nothing but pure intentions for his baby, he might be more forgiving in the future.

Rebekah and Klaus are sharing another awkward breakfast when Klaus finally gets his little sister to open up about why she’s been so cold to him lately.  Could it be because he bit their older brother?  Of course, but Klaus hasn’t gone soft yet.  “I wouldn’t bite you,” he states.  His chosen method of punishing Rebekah would be a dagger anyway.  Rebekah comes back with a sad but true observation (“there is something fundamentally wrong with you”) before walking out.



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