New Girl 3.10 “Thanksgiving III” Review: Into the Woods

“Thanksgiving III,” New Girl’s third attempt at tackling the holiday in its three year run, may be the series’ best Thanksgiving episode yet. However, I would say that, when compared to the rest of season three, it didn’t really stand out in any way.

There are some fantastic moments in “Thanksgiving III.” I nearly had tears in my eyes from laughing at Nick’s enthusiastic making of the Thanksgiving invitation with Jess (“He’s announcing Thanksgiving! With his little trumpet, he’s announcing the feast! We should name that little guy Roger!”) or when Schmidt described that his “cowman’s hat” was an exact replica of Viggo Mortensen’s from Hidalgo. Yet despite these insanely entertaining scenes, the episode’s central storyline (Nick attempting to prove his manhood to Coach by camping out in the woods) simply felt like another rehash of the questions from earlier in this season. Is Jess changing Nick? Is Nick changing Jess? Is their relationship too toxic to work?



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