The Mindy Project 2.10 Review: Wedding Crushes

Fox recently unveiled some changes to their TV lineup. As a result of some shuffling around of shows, The Mindy Project will be put on a 3-month hiatus. I know, I am as upset as you are. We still have a few episodes left to enjoy before that times comes around like the latest outing entitled, “Wedding Crushes.”

Mindy (Mindy Kaling) does not mind being single. At least that is what she is telling the mailman who has delivered a wedding invitation from Josh (Tommy Dewey). However she does have a problem that Josh s marrying a girl named Corrine. Mindy must find a date to take to the wedding so Josh does not know she is currently single. The first person she asks is Danny (Chris Messina), which makes sense since they are in love with each other and they just do not know it yet. Danny’s brother Richie (Max Minghella) is visiting so he in unable to attend.



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