Hart of Dixie 3.08 Review: “Miracles”

Given the fact that Hart of Dixie has lots in common with The OC (Josh Schwartz and Rachel Bilson, obviously), I was really expecting a Seth Cohen type of genius to dub this new holiday of Hanukkah and Thanksgiving a name similar to Chrismukkah.  Nonetheless, I still really enjoyed the mid-season finale.

As you could predict, family was a prevalent theme.  Joel’s grandmother Sylvie was in town for Hanukkah.  Zoe even treats her uncle Brando Wilkes (nicknamed for his Marlon Brando impressions) for a squirrel bite.  She invites him to lunch with Joel and his grandmother, where the widowed and widower hit it off.  Zoe’s cousin Vivian interrupts them before Brando and Sylvie were just about to go off on a Bingo date.  She blames Zoe for trying to mess with an old man’s heart, but luckily the connection between Brando and Sylvie was enough of a Hanukkah miracle to save the day.  Vivian’s overreaction to finding Brando had spent the night with Sylvie brought out a revelation about her own life.  Zoe learns that Vivian’s husband left her, and as Brando accused her, she doesn’t need to take her frustrations out on Zoe.  Finally seeing a softer side of her cousin, Zoe invites her to the Hanukkah dinner that Sylvie has been planning at Lavon’s house.




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